1. With and for companies

The LIUC-IÉSEG International MBA was born from a strategic partnership with over 20 Italian and international companies and a network of over 200 companies offering sponsorships, project work and job opportunities to candidates.

The partner companies will be an active part of the programme from the beginning through testimonies of teaching and mentorship activities for the students

2. International experience and faculty


  • International MBA diploma
  • France RNCP LEVEL1 (recognised in France and in Europe)

The LIUC-IÉSEG International MBA takes place in two different Campuses:

  • in Italy, at LIUC Business School, located on the outskirts of Milan in Lombardy, in an area that is home for many major industrial, commercial and financial activities.
  • in France, at IÉSEG School of Management in Paris, in the heart of the economic district of La Défense, the largest in Europe.

The LIUC-IÉSEG International MBA has an exceptional international faculty composed exclusively of experienced teachers from 44 countries.

3. Personalised and international service cart

Throughout the LIUC-IÉSEG International MBA, a team of professionals (mentor, coach, head hunter, talent scout) will support the students in their professional choices and market positioning.

4. Single Learning Hub

The traditional concepts of classroom and frontal lessons are de-structured, facilitating interaction and dialogue between the students.

Different indoor and outdoor experiential learning methods, management flight simulators, MBA Business Immersion, MBA International Talk will be used.

5. Innovation and customisation

The LIUC-IÉSEG International MBA aims to create the managers and leaders of tomorrow, able to add value and contribute to the company’s competitive advantage.

It allows the students to acquire the most advanced skills and models of Management and Leadership, customising their own path through Elective, Internship, Project Work.

6. Double Diploma

At the end of the LIUC-IÉSEG International MBA the students will receive the International MBA diploma  and RNCP LEVEL1 (recognised in France and in Europe).


Support for individual professional development

LIUC Business School and IÉSEG School of Management offer their students the most appropriate tools to develop their skills, knowledge and ability to face the professional challenges of the future.

Accredited coaches and tutors will support the students in creating an individual programme that meets their specific needs, with tools and techniques to further develop their professional career.

Preparation for Recruitment sessions

LIUC and IÉSEG support the students in the preparation of the selection processes that they will face at the end of the path through a specific placement service. 

Workshops are also planned to help the students identify their skills, enhance their experiences, inprove their elevator pitch and prepare tests, assessments and cover letters.

Career opportunities

Throughout the LIUC-IÉSEG International MBA the students are offered the opportunity to participate in a series of events in which companies from different sectors will be present. 

The inclusion in the database of listed international Head Hunting companies provides an additional resource for access to managerial positions.

International network

The LIUC and IÉSEG Alumni Associations constitute an overall international network of over 15,000 people.

This guarantees the possibility of significantly implementing the students own network.


Direction: Vittorio D'Amato - [email protected]

Coordination: Edda Rinaldi - [email protected]

Reports and contacts with companies: Lorenza Angelini - [email protected]

Didactic Methodologies: Elena Tosca - [email protected]


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