The LIUC-IÉSEG International MBA has a duration of 12 months, full-time, from October 2021 to October 2022, it is structured in 8 modules:

Personal mastery journey, Becoming a positive and transformational leader, Leading for innovation, Developing strategic mindset in a changing environment, Organising for sustainable performance, Transversals, Electives and Application.

The first five modules and one Transversal of the LIUC-IÉSEG International MBA programme will be held at the LIUC Business School.

The Electives will be held at the IÉSEG School of Management.

In the Application form it will be possible for applicants to choose between Professional Experience, Consulting Project or Master Thesis, to do in Italy or abroad.


Action Learning

In the course of the International MBA , Action Learning methodology will be used. Students will be directly involved in activities aimed at better understanding themselves (self-assessment), improving their decision-making skills (management flight simulator) and strengthening their ability to relate to others (indoor and outdoor activities).


MBA Business Immersion

Some lessons of the International MBA will take place directly at partner companies. Through the MBA Business Immersion, students will be able to study “In situ” with leaders from different sectors and company  departments.


MBA International Talk

Students will have the opportunity to meet with internationally renowned gurus in order to stay up to date with the main trends and the most recent developments in management and leadership issues.



In the final part of the International MBA programme, students will be able to concretely experience what they have learned through either an internship in a company or a consulting project. Alternatively, they will be able to explore a topic of their interest from a theoretical and empirical point of view.


Learning English

A good knowledge of the English language is an essential prerequisite in the business world.
To be able to attend the International MBA  you must have a minimum level of English, evidenced by  valid certification (e.g. IELTS 6.5, TOEFL IBT 85, TOEIC 800, Cambridge Exam B2 level).
If you do not, LIUC Business School offers the possibility to study in order to obtain the necessary certification.

Elena Tosca Learning Methologies International MBA

You will be involved in intense activities through methodologies, approaches and educational tools with our faculty and numerous international companies, unique testimonials and mentorship.

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