The LIUC-IÉSEG International MBA (Master in Business Administration) intends to develop the most advanced and effective General Management skills, provide innovative management and leadership tools and models as well as investigate the main challenges that companies will have to face in the near future.

The main objectives are:

>  to develop the professional skills necessary to intervene within organisations with an integrated vision of the main business problems;

>  to present the state of the art of tools, models and theories of management and leadership;

to allow improvement in  attitude and behaviour;

to inform about the main managerial and economic trends through workshops and meetings with internationally renowned leaders, opinion leaders and executives.


The LIUC-IÉSEG International MBA was developed in partnership with numerous international companies that offer sponsorships, project work and job opportunities to students.

It was specifically designed with the aim to form the leaders of tomorrow. The partner companies will be an active part of the programme from the beginning through testimonies, company visits and mentorship activities aimed at the students.


To ensure a high quality level and offer the students a constant verification of the level of knowledge achieved, the overall evaluation is continual and includes: oral or written exams, individual and group assignments and a final project.

Attendance is mandatory.

In order for the students to receive the LIUC-IÉSEG International MBA diploma it is necessary to attend at least 80% of the teaching activity.

Lorenza Angelini Reports and contacts with companies

The programme forms the leaders of tomorrow, developed in partnership with numerous multi-national companies that offer sponsorship, project work and job opportunities to students.

 A challenging course 


Direction: Vittorio D'Amato - [email protected]

Reports and contacts with companies: Lorenza Angelini - [email protected]


LIUC Business School

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Master's secretariat: Paola Sola

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